Friday, May 23, 2008

Am I a softie?

So, I’m a softie, I admit it.

My niece loves chickens. Other girls want ponies. She wants chickens. Other girls talk about being doctors or teachers or anything else when they grow up. Anything other then the owner of a chicken food store, and maybe a chicken vet. She even wrote me a chicken book to keep at my house so when she is ready to open her store I’ll have it for her. Because, of course, the chicken store will be on my farm.

Because I think this is all so cute I just ordered absurdly expensive chickens for my niece which will be delivered next week. Expensive because I only ordered 5. Typically you have to order 25 chickens at a time, but I found one place that will ship boxes as small as 3 chicks! Catch is you have to ship them express and you have to pay a “small batch” fee of $25. This fee pays for a box with a little heating pad in it so the chicks stay warm in transit (why most hatcheries send them at least 25 at a time so they can keep each other warm!) So these 5 chicks cost as much as 25… almost.

So why would I pay so much for chickens. Well, my little chicken fanatic niece (5) is coming up to visit starting May 28th for about 2 weeks. Our order of 25 Dominique pullets is not due for delivery until around June 11th. Either they will just miss her or I will be sending home a very unhappy little girl who got to see chicks for only one day.

So my sister and I talked and I said I’d try to find chicks. I looked and looked for someone who had some locally with no luck, and then on a chicken message board (there are such things) where I was begging for chicks, I ran across a mention of A company that will sell fewer than 25 chicks! So I called and they actually had some pullets (female chickens) with availability next week! The catch of course being the cost, but what a great thing for someone who only needs a few! It really opens up chickens to people who could not get them before.

So my sister and I are splitting the cost and I will go pick them up and bring home the chicks, to a very surprised little girl (who’ll be the best aunt ever?) These are White Cochin and are on the Livestock Breeds Conservancy’s watch list so they fit with our goals of helping to preserve heritage breeds. The chickens will be hers, but they will live at my farm. I think my hubby thinks I am silly, but how often can you make a little girl’s fondest dream come true and for only half of $60?


Anonymous said...

Yes. You are the best Aunt in the world. We will have one very happy five year old for a long time knowing she is the proud owner of a chicken. [Your 13 yr. old neice will be excited too... until her cell phone rings,she gets a text, or an IM.] Our future chicken farmer was riding Fancy the wonder pony at the stables today and asked about going to see aunt Heathers chickens. STRANGE! A little girl riding a pony thinking of chickens. HMMM? I never thought I would have a child who dreams of being a CHICKEN FARMER?
I knew I should have eaten more oRGANTIC when I was pregnate.

Brian Harris said...

This is probably too little, too late, but Meyer Hatchery is close (45 miles from Akron). I'm heading out there Tuesday and could pick up some chicks. Or, of course, you could head out.

They are VERY nice people and super helpful. We adore them!

Can't wait to get our chickens!