Sunday, January 18, 2009

Getting back on the blogging bandwagon!

I know, I know, I know.  If I do not write my blog regularly no one will read it regularly.  It is so easy to say that there is SO much to write about in this cold time of the year.  What we PLAN on doing this year, what we are reading, what  we are learning, and what we do on the farm in the winter.

I could blog about how in the -12 degree temps we saw last week made our chicken coup dip under 20 degrees, and we had to buy a second heat lamp in an attempt to keep them warm.  

I could write that we are finally getting EGGS!  With over a dozen a day, they are piling up fast in our fridge!  

I could write that I have three different presentations to give in ONE WEEK in February.  One on Green Building on Farms, one on integrating sustainability into a business mission, and one on beginning gardening.  I could talk about points I will be making in those.

I could write that we have been getting ready to start signing up CSA members, with existing members first and new members following in late February.  

There is so much going on, even in this cold, snowy time of the year.  I will try to blog more.  I really will!  


Tim Fuller said...

I know little about chickens but this morning I read about someone who uses the "deep litter" method in their chicken house which produces heat as it composts. My neighbor gives us litter about once a month and the snow melts off the top of the pile.

We are trying to heat our small hoophouse with compost -- hard to finish making the pile at -20 degrees!

Cheers, Tim

CSA Farmer Girl said...

The deep litter system works well for some, unfortantly, we have a chicken coop with a plywood floor! No composting on a plywood floor :) ...

That being said, once temps dive into the teens the amount of heat the litter will provide is not that great, especially as chickens like roosting as high as they can off the floor!

Typically in temps in or above the 20s the coop stays above freezing without heatlamps. When temps are under 10 below and I can heat the coop 30 degrees I am pretty happy...