Monday, May 3, 2010

Plants, plants, everywhere and not a thing to eat!

This time of year is a time of great hope and greater impatience. Since our CSA does not start until mid June we do not push our early season to hard (this will change in coming years with hoophouses and other improvements.) But with a lot of items in the ground, and thousands waiting in the hoophouse we are just waiting for the first truly edible items (probably radishes, greens, and garlic scapes) in about a month.

So far this season our major completed tasks have included:
  • Planting about 2,400 row feet of potatoes
  • Planting about 1/4 acre of onions (sets and transplants)
  • First spring seeding (about 5,500 row feet of every thing from carrots and beets, to peas and hearty greens.
  • Transplanted 200+ broccoli plants, 200+ kale plants, 1000+ cabbage plants, a few hundred feet of lettuce, and 100 feet of scallions.
  • First weeding of the year, including getting the garlic cultivated and fertilized.
  • Started a couple hundred trays of everthing from peppers and eggplant to lettuce and kohlrabi.
  • Of course we also got our hoophouse up and heat in it.
  • Made tables for the hoophouse.
  • Lots of field work, including plowing and tilling new land, and of course prepping the acre plus which is already in.
  • One gardening class.
  • Participated in EarthFest.
  • Fixed the tractor.
  • Built a row marker.
  • Built a prehiller.
  • Answered a couple thousand emails.
  • And a million other small tasks of the type which comes up every day.
The photos are both from the same day. We still have some starts in our basement and are daily moving them to the hoophouse. Problem is we are still starting seeds, so the basement is not getting less crowded, while the hoophouse is getting more crowded! Thankfully, we have started to transplant so we should be OK for a while.

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