Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Look, mom, a toy!

We got an incredible deal on this 65 HP (@ PTO) Challenger Tractor. This is a pretty high quality toy and with only 12 hours on it and 18 months left on the warrenty we are pretty happy. Check out our Facebook fan page for more photos.


Allison at Novice Life said...

Awesome! Congrats!!! I hope it works well for you. We have a 1yr old TYM with 150 hours going in for SERVICE YET AGAIN - ughhhhhh.

Matt Wilson said...

That thing looks fantastic.

But what do you do with a tractor like that?

CSA Farmer Girl said...

What will we do with a tractor like that? Just about everything!

65 HP at the PTO is really not that big. We will plow deeper, disc and till better, we can run a spader or bed lifter (which our current tractor won't). The nice thing is it can go REALLY SLOW, that means we can run weeders or water wheel transplanters. It is big for us, but still considered small for a "farm tractor."

CSA Farmer Girl said...


Hope this is your last service for a while! We spent a lot of time looking at imported tractors and almost got one.

We got an amazing deal which is the only reason we could afford it! Challenger is an Arco tractor made for Caterpillar.

I hope we can do without service, because a service call is $300 even under warranty. The problem is that tractors today are like cars, not nearly as basic as they used to be. Power this, hydrostatic that, electronic the other. All that is more stuff to break!