Thursday, October 16, 2008

Keeping peace and being careful...

Going into the election I would like to take a minute to remind everyone to think twice about their words in both personal life and professional meetings.

Sitting in a meeting last week I actually heard someone say that if you did not vote for a certain candidate you were a racist. This was at a meeting with lots of different people including clients of the person who made the statement.

Regardless of your political beliefs (or mine) how fair is that statement, really?

A friend told me that she saw a person selling pumpkins at a stand make a statement that if the same candidate was elected she would have to close her business, her taxes would jump too high, and you were stupid if you voted for "that one!"

People, think twice before you speak... Broad brushes either way are wrong.

If you work at a place where 90% of the people believe one way, do not make life totally uncomfortable for the minority 10% for the next few weeks. Be considerate. Most people have made up their mind by now and brow beating them will not change their mind even if you call them racist for one choice or stupid for another...

If you ever want to check something either side says check this...

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