Thursday, April 23, 2009

Farm news!

Thursday Farm news:

The fields are wet and getting wetter by the minute, so for the time being the potatoes and onions sit waiting until we can till and make our beds. If anyone is interested in helping with spring planting this year, let us know, with 500 pounds of potatoes and 10,000 onions we could use a little help and will set up a couple times where anyone who would love to help us will be loved in return!

We have thousands of little plants started and they are growing happily under grow lights, we are starting more seeds daily.

CSA-Farmer-Hubby has been busy since being on the farm full time since the end of March. Lots of little projects are getting picked up and this summer will keep him busy for sure!

We are hoping that the farm does well enough this year to allow us to buy one or two LARGE hoophouses (30X96 or so). If we can make that happen we will have veggies for you this time next year! As for now, we must wait until June for our own yummy food. Well except for eggs, we are getting about a dozen a day, so if anyone wants any shoot us an email. They are available for $4.00 a dozen.

I have not had anyone sign up for my last two spring classes, so I am going to go ahead and cancel them, if you are interested I will probably offer them in July if there is interest, so let me know...

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Blueangels said...

Are the hoophouses you refer to the same as High Tunnels?
Or are they different?
I have experience with high tunnel technology. Amazing for any CSA.