Monday, May 11, 2009

Bees and more...

The new bees came in and we hived them Sunday. We would like 2 more boxes as our winter loss was high this year, but there is a bee shortage and we may not be able to get them... We have lots of native pollenators (bumble bees, mason bees, other good bugs) one of the benifits of living in a park!

Of course, when the bee were going in I sat in the car and snapped photos. My aunt was visiting for the weekend from Conneticut so we suited her up and she "helped" set them up. I think she had a good time doing something new.

This weekend was busy with my mom's memorial service so we did not get a ton done, but as of this morning and with the help of a "work share" member and couple of her amazing children, the last of the onions (10,000 +) are planted. Today hubby also got the field mowed which is a big project. Tomorrow he will start fencing the new field so we can plant the rest of our seedlings.

Busy days on the farm!

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