Sunday, May 3, 2009

Onions, Onions, Onions.

So far we have (of our onions) 2 cases of in the ground. And poor farmer hubby has done all 4,000ish of them himself. I have been working and went to a farm class this weekend. So it has been all him.

It is strange, because he is now on the farm full time. I almost said he "Quit his job" but that implies that he is sitting on the couch and playing the computer, but in the past month he has been a busy boy as he has transitioned to "Full time farmer."

In the same month I have been little help, which makes me a bit sad. But we still need my "real job" income (and 100% of it) to make this work. As the farm pays for itself and finances its own growth my salary pays for all the little things like bills, rent, food, and life. But still it seems like I am missing something on the farm.

Hopefully by early summer I won't feel that way as much.

This weekend the class I took was on farm recordkeeping (among other stuff.) It left me realizing how much better our records need to be. Before my focus was on what the IRS needed, but I need so much more. How many hours did we spend doing X this year. We decided to grow Tinga-Ma-Veggies for market, how much did we make on those, what is the cost to produce 1 Tinga-Ma-Veg, what is the overhead, DON"T FORGET YOUR LABOR... It made me feel that I need to spend more hours in this chair, in front of my computer.

Well, the season never feels real until first market and first CSA pickup anyway. The latter is 6 weeks away and the former we have not set our first week yet. But things are growing and we are getting excited... So much to do, so excuse me, I have 3 cases of onions to help with...

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NEOcreativegenius said...

OK, what's a Tinga-Ma-Veggie? LOL!