Thursday, October 1, 2009

Light frost...

Yesterday evening, when I was sitting in the sorting shed shivering, Farmer Hubby started a fire in the fireplace! The first fire of the year, and, to be honest and forthright in my telling of this, it is probably always a good idea that I am not in the house for the first fire of the year.
For some reason last year we had wasps in the chimney and when we went to light the fire they decided to dive bomb the living room. For some reason they were not happy. Oh, and did I mention I am allergic to many stinging insects (nice for a farmer, no?)

So, I guess, it was OK. We had three people no-show last night, which is always a little disappointing especially as we had beautiful celery to give them. Oh well, more celery for me!

It was so nice to come in after pickup and enjoy the fire with a glass of Ohio Concord wine. (I know, I know! But it is just so sweet and yummy and I have one heck of a sweet tooth!) I love this time of year, the fires, the food, the trees, just everything. Well, almost everything!

When I went to my car this morning there was frost on the roof, so I guess fall is officially here! My thermometer read 36, so hopefully the frost stayed really light. The next seven days lows are supposed to be in the 40s, so we are fine until then. After that a handful of nights in the mid-30s, and then back up into the 40s. A light frost we can handle, hopefully harder ones hold off a bit longer.

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