Sunday, October 4, 2009

Today on the farm...

I both love and hate the fall. The weather this time of year, when it is not raining or frosting, is my favorite. Cool breezes, fresh air, chilly enough to dress warm but not so cold that you feel cold if you dress right.

Today we slept in, ate a wonderful breakfast, and started picking around noon. Everything went pretty fast, as things tend to when you have enough of it in the ground and are not hunting for more radishes which are ready! Everything, that is, except the leeks. Leeks are a bit of a pain in the butt.

For one thing, it has been raining, so they are muddy and require a lot of washing. Also, the roots have to trimed, the tops cut, and (often) the outer layer or two has to be stripped so they look nice. All of that takes time. Today it took over an hour. And when it is even a little chilly that time means something, because your hands get wet and cold...

But, soon enough they were done. We lifted the celery cover for the first time since Wednesday's frost and they looked perfect, so we picked from under the cover, and made sure the cover was back on. We were set up for pickup by 2:30. I think that is a new record, but picking and set up tends to go quicker in the fall when a lot of the time was spent a month ago, picking onions or potatoes, or a week ago picking squash. Storage items make pickup days a lot easier.

I sent CSA-farmer-hubby to the field to hunt for a handful of carrots which might be ready, while I went inside to start supper... Braised Beef shanks... Yummy, and a reason to use my brand new enameled cast iron dishes. I love the fall and fall food!

So in a couple minutes I get to go inside and eat wonderful food, with our own garlic, carrots, celery, onions, and potatoes & drink a nice glass of wine. We may even start a fire to really cement the "it's fall" feeling. For desert we will have local apple pie...

((contented sigh))

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