Sunday, January 24, 2010


One of our most expensive seeds is this cherry tomato. We will buy 100 seeds this year and they will cost us $39.00 for those seeds. We could get the cost down to 26 cents a seed if we bought 1000 seeds, but $262 for one type of tomato is a little pricy for us!

Now we could find cherry tomato seed for much less. So why do we pay so much for this seed?

Because it is worth every cent! I would probably pay twice what they cost. They are easy to pick which is very important in cherry tomatoes. They are very sweet (Johnny's Seeds Trials rate them as one of the best tomatoes.) But most importantly they resist cracking. In cherry toms that is so important. Beautiful tomatoes can be ruined overnight by rain. And every single one of them will crack open.

We used to use Matt's Wild Cherries, which are a great home garden variety, but we found that some days as many as a quarter of them would crack AFTER we picked them! So frustrating in the time it takes to pick 10 pounds of cherry tomatoes. Then having to sort them all, and they are very small.

With these we know they will hold for us, and still provide a sweet, nice cherry tom.

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