Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Class Series....

So we are thinking about this summer's classes... I am still working on details but here is the preliminary plans:
  • Gardening Class Schedule: First Thursday of each month (evening)
    April Gardening Series: Seed Starting
    May Gardening Series: Laying out your garden
    June Gardening Series: Feeding your plants
    July Gardening Series: Organic pest & diseases control
    August Gardening Series: Succession planting
    September Gardening Series: Mid-summer questions
    October Gardening Series: First frosts & fall harvests
    November Gardening Series: First steps for next year

  • Preserving Workshop Schedule: Third Saturday of each month
    June Preserving Workshop: Berry Jam
    July Preserving Workshop: Pickles
    August Preserving Workshop: Tomato Sauce
    September Preserving Workshop: Salsa & Summer Heat
    October Preserving Workshop: Apples
    November Preserving Workshop: Holiday Gifts

When I add them all up it looks like a lot! Especially on top of our season, but I am looking forward to them all... Please let us know if you have preliminary intrest.


Live to Cook at Home said...

Do you know what the cost will be for the classes? Can you pick & choose classes or will it be a commitment for the entire series? Also, where exactly will the classes be? I assume on the farm but where is that?

Anonymous said...
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CSA Farmer Girl said...

I am still working out class costs and will post in a week or so. The classes will be priced individully, so there is no commitment to the series, if you are just interested in one or two that is great.
All the classes will be on the farm. Stay tuned for more details