Saturday, February 9, 2008

So much to buy!

The season for a farm to spend money is officially upon us!

In addition to all our seed, we need 3 new bee hives, a greenhouse, a post hole digger, fence supplies, a new solar fence charger, a roll of bio-degradable plastic mulch, starting supplies like trays and mix, and about 100 other miscellaneous things!
Later this year we will add a walk in cooler to our ever growing list.

At first all the looking and shopping is fun, but it slowly grows towards overwhelming! So we would like to thank all of our renewing and new CSA members for their support. When you come out to the farm and see the new goodies, you'll know you helped with some of all that.

For others on our waiting list, thanks so much for your interest. We still have spots and will be sending emails to our waiting list in small groups over the coming weeks. We have come up with a prioritized list based on if you wanted a share we could not give you last year, when we first heard from you, if you have bought shares from us in the past, and other things like that. In the future the list will be totally date based (as it is for anyone who contacted us past Nov 2007), but we did not keep track of that before. What we want to avoid is getting a ton of people excited and have to say "I'm sorry our CSA is full." 12 hours after we opened the spots. We think this way is more fair.
Thanks to everyone for your support of local food and our farm!

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