Friday, August 1, 2008

First the bees - Then...

You just have to read this article on honey bees and insecticides.

I think we often are to quick to start widespread use of items before we really know what it means. Did we not realize that France had already seen a problem with nicotine based pesticides when in 2003, they saw widespread losses and banned these products.

There is an old story about a man who was spreading rumors. He confessed his sin and was told as penance to go to the top of a hill and release a pillow full of feathers. Thinking he got off rather easily he did so and came back to the priest. At which point we was told that now he must go and collect each and every feather for like feathers his words floated and spread until knowledge of their original source was lost. A task he decried as impossible, and it was...

I feel that is what we are currently doing. Unknown consequences and once unleashed it is impossible to bring back to undo what has been done. Perhaps, we should move slightly less quickly? Perhaps?

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