Thursday, July 31, 2008

Computer blues...

Yesterday was a stressful day for us... We realized just how much of our life is on our computer's hard drive! OMG!!! EVERYTHING! Newsletter templates, recipies, farm photos, family photos, plans for the future, expence reports for hubby's job, favroites from the internet, graphics of the farm, accounting stuff, more!
Then when you cannot get your computer to start your first temptation is to go online and

find a fix! Then when you find a computer at Best Buy my first inclination is to go read reviews and find prices on the internet! Oh no!

Yesterday morning the computer was working. After the thunderstorm rolled through it would not turn on... PANIC! After much fussing with internal workings which involved unplugging stuff inside the computer we got it to turn on, QUICK!!! Every USB drive and Memory card in the house, to pull off everything important... (For some reason the computer would not read the DVD drive.) It did stay on the rest of the day and seemed to be working, but how reliable is it? So we need a new computer, but more than that we NEED a backup system!

It's strange, we are turning into a "real" business...

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Anonymous said...

There are some great on-line backup services. That, coupled with a Network Storage Device, would have you covered. Amazon offers Jungle Disk which is a nice and cheap service.

At least one backup must be off-site, hence the reason I suggest both a local hard drive and a web service backup.

As for software to perform your routine backup automatically, SyncBack makes a free version many people like. I've used it for a few years.