Thursday, September 11, 2008


I wonder, should I write a poem
or let my ideal fancies roam,
On evils done a day so near at hand.

Yet, iron birds still do fly
daily migrations through the sky,
Carrying people all throughout this land.

And of the forest of towers which we rose
just two were fallen by those ancient foes,
Anger, hate, despair.

So why is it that still today,
I want to turn and run away,
My heart still fills with fear,
It all still seems so near.
CSA-farmer girl, 09-11-02

Take a minute today to remember what happened, where you were, how you felt.
Take a minute to say a prayer. Take a minute to meditate.
Thank a service member (past or present) for helping to preserve of freedom.

Remember how we said that we'd never forget?

Never forget.

(P.S. I never claimed to be a great (or even good) poet, so please limit critiques...)

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Anonymous said...

CSA FARMER GIRL, that is a beautiful poem.