Thursday, September 4, 2008

My problem with canning...

On Labor Day we enjoyed a rare day of almost off-ness... No "real jobs" and not much work in the garden, except for the omnipresent (these days) watering. (I am so eager for the irrigation system next season will bring! Turn on a pump and water!)

I did get some canning done, but here is the problem, why is it that all of the recipes I like seem to be "fun" things and not staples? So far I have 3 dozen or so jars done and NO STAPLES! I have TONS of pepper rings, lots of plum jam, and now 7 jars of Peach Rum Sauce! While very yummy, you will never open a jar and eat it (I HOPE!), it will go mainly on ice-cream and maybe on Belgian Waffles... I do have to say that I was planning on canning some Peaches in light syrup, but the peaches we had were small and almost impossible to peel (maybe not ripe enough?) I have been freezing peppers so we should have enough of those for the winter.

Eventually I will need to can more of what we will eat. I am planning at least 30 quarts of tomato sauce, and 12 quarts of just tomatoes. I also want 12-24 pints of salsa. I'd like to can some pears, plums, and peaches in syrup. I'd like to make some apple pie filling and some apple sauce!

With all that I should be able to eat some local fruit and veggies this winter. Now all I need is a pressure canner (if I am brave enough to venture into low acid foods!) and TIME to actually do it all...

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