Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Let the winds blow!

Sunday was a windy pickup! Over a million people were left without power and four people died. In Ohio, not Texas! Winds over 60 miles per hour blew and trees came down!

We were pretty lucky, we lost lots of branches but no trees and no damage. We even kept power, which is a minor miracle, as our power comes up our road from the valley, through a windy wooded road. One of my coworkers, is still without power, as of Tuesday afternoon, they are saying it may be Friday before they get everyone back up, as his house has a well, that means no water either, and his kids are out of school...

We went outside and watched the trees blow and sway. It was beautiful... Of particular interest was a hornets nest hanging about eye level off a branch in the chicken yard. The thing was flying around, and I was just waiting for it to hit the ground. It came within inches!

I was keeping half an eye for it all the time, because I just knew that if it hit the ground all the hornets would bubble out and I would get stung, even if I was across the yard, they would find me... I have a fear of stinging insects which is pretty new, sense a bee sting sent me to the ER in a coughing, wheezing, and hive ridden mess in 2006.

In any case the wind was amazing, the power of nature, having traveled 1,400 miles and still bringing down tree limbs. It kind of humbles one (and reminds me NEVER to move close to ocean...)

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