Sunday, June 7, 2009

Bit the bullet...

We finally bit the bullet today and ordered a wheel hoe. We have heard good things about these little cultivating tools, but have put off buying one because, honestly, the cost of one seems pretty high for what they are.

Other farmers tell us they are worth every penny, but a few hundred dollars seems like a lot to pay of what is basically a hoe!

We have spent hours and hours weeding this weekend, and weed season has JUST begun, so we figured, now was finally the time to bite the bullet and get one, so we ordered it this weekend, and while there a couple hundred dollars of accessories for it we may purchase later we are eager for it to be delivered. There are two major ones avilable a Glaser and Valley Oak. We went with the latter on recommendations from other small growers. Earthway makes one to but people say it is not as efficient, the wheel is huge, and which makes the leverage not work with you as well as those with smaller wheels.

As some of you may remember we do use a flame weeder, but that is really for between the rows, as it will kill anything it touches, veggy or weed. And as great as it works it does have a tendency to freeze up when it gets humid. We also have purchased a used cultivator for the back of the tractor, but we need to find time to go rent a trailer and pick it up, so it will probably be another week or two, that will be more for our larger rows though, as it will require a bit of set up to use. Add to that our army of normal hoes and you have our weeding equipment.

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