Monday, June 8, 2009

Hilling spuds...

Our potatoes are doing so well. Not to jinx ourselves, but by this time last year we were struggling with potatoe bettles BIG TIME. It was literally a daily battle, hand picking and smooshing eggs and whacking the plants so the little larva went flying and then hitting them with our flame weeder to kill them. Last year was the first year we did potatoes more then for ourselves and it was such a pain we almost did not do them this year. ALMOST, problem is that fresh potatoes taste so good! We ask ourselves when we have to buy them at the store "When did they take the flavor out of spuds!"

So grow them we must and we did! To the toon of 500 pounds of seed potatoes in a patch a little over a quarter acre.

Farmer hubby hilled themtoday with the tractor, as we will a couple more times, before we get to enjoy the first of the new potatoes.

That is if the bugs keep their distance...

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