Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Some things no one ever thought to tell you about farming...

I think this may be a series, if you can think of more please feel free to add your own.
  • Buy a coffee mug with a handle you can hook on stuff, like trailers, tractors, fences, or pockets. That coffee is your friend in the field!
  • All thermoses are not created equal. Buy a REALLY good one, and it will keep your warm beverage of choice hot all day.
  • You do need a wheel hoe... Believe me, you do.
  • Almost nothing they have at a garden center is for you after you top about an acre. Maybe gloves, but I buy my gloves at Costco.
  • Everything takes more time then you thought it would.
  • Everything costs more then you think it should.
  • When you are transplanting seedlings do not put in the weak ones. Hopefully you started enough extra that you are OK, but the weak ones even if they don't die may be a vector for future problems.
  • Handel everything as quickly as possible. Whether weeds, bugs, or disease, ALL problems are easiest handled early.
  • Problems rarely go away.

My farming thoughts of the day...

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Beth said...

buying mugs that can be hooked on to a tractor has another benefit- you won't run it over with said tractor.