Monday, July 6, 2009

TSC trip..

After a look around at the avilable and expensive "drip tape injectors" Farmer Hubby decided to build his own... $400 each (we need two) is a lot of money for something that basically just spools out hose and drags it a couple inches under loose and tilled dirt.

I am not that handy, I probably would have just spent the money. A project which involves buying steel, cutting it, welding it, and (not least or last) designing something that I have only seen pictures of, is braver then me...

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Millie said...

Good luck with the TSC trip. Water is a problem I haven't solved yet.
I love the CSA idea..and agree with all the things you said in your earlier post. We have the acreage..just not sure if we have the energy. You have a beautiful beet harvest.