Sunday, December 6, 2009

Diffrent worlds...

My farmer hubby often says we don't need alternate dimensions we live in a world full of alternate dimensions. Typically, this comes up when watching a documentary or when our travels bring us through a very poor area (either in Appalachia or Italian cities.)

Recently we had an experience a little closer to home.

A couple months ago I had my wisdom teeth removed. They were fully impacted so required a trip to an oral surgeon. This week my (poor) sister had two (one side) of her also impacted wisdom teeth extracted, but she is in Germany.

My experience went like this. I went into the office on a Friday afternoon. I went into a nice room. The surgeon came in, confirmed that I wanted to be knocked. Over in the corner was a tray of tools I never actually saw beacase they were covered. The very nice doctor tried to start an IV (I say tried because the only unpleasant part of my experience was the 7 times it took to get it to take (It was 3 in the afternoon and I ad not eaten or drunk since the previous evening so I was dehydrated).) At which point I was put to sleep. I woke up, was given heavy duty pain killers and antibiotics and sent home with strict instructions to spend the next 2 days laying down with ice on my face as much as possible... Directions I followed easily, due to my regular use of the aforementioned pain killers! In the end I felt fine by Monday morning, and had more bruises and swelling from where the IVs were tried then my face. A couple people actually asked me "I thought you were having your wisdom teeth out?"

My sister (my poor sister) had a much less pleasant (and pain free) experience. She went into the high end clinic which does (no really!) botox, laser peels, and... wisdom teeth extraction... Really!?! She goes in and they give her Novocain shots. You know that nice gel they use here before they give you shots, based on the balance of her afternoon I doubt they gave her that! They then start pulling out the tools in front of her. "Is that a hammer!?!" She asks. "Yes" says the German dentist. "Are you going to use that?" To which the answer is "Maybe a little, ha ha ha..."

You may have gathered by now that no nice IV was coming her way, not even a nitrous mask!!! When they started they put a heavy drape over her head. No headphone systems in Germany. She got to hear everything, and when it got farther into it they had to hold her head down! As they pulled her head just moved... She said the sounds were awful, and she had to make them give her more Novocaine. When she was done, they gave her post op instructions IN GERMAN! And for pain killers they gave the poor girl Ibuprofen! And with a hubby in the army and two little girls she probably won't be able to spend the weekend resting.

So I guess the moral of the story is, DON"T HAVE DENTAL SURGERY IN EUROPE!

My teeth hurt just thinking about my poor sister, recovering with no good painkillers... :(

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