Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Scrach baking!?!

So I admit it, I am niave. I assumed that the bakery session I attended this morning on "scratch baking" would spend lots of time on, I don't know! scratch baking.

Last year at the confrence I attended a bakery session and was amazed that EVERYTHING the did was either from a mix or a dough! I thought "scratch" would mean - well - scratch! NOT SO!

There are 4 degrees of "scratch" baking according to the presentor. First degree is actual scratch baking, second is from mixes, third is from doughs, and forth is thaw and sell! And don't be emarrased to say you "bake from scratch" regardless of which of these 4 you do.

The speaker pointed out that at their orchard their "signature" apple pie is a frozen pie they add their own carmel and nuts to! They also sell apple fritters they just thaw and sell. And if the stpped selling them "their customers would tell them about it!" I wonder if their customers even know they are not buying a product with their apples? Be aware

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Dave said...

That is absolutely amazing and sickening. Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode with the "fat free" yogurt.

On a side note, if you drove to Grand Rapids, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND stopping at Zingerman's Roadhouse in Ann Arbor on your way home. I stopped on my drive up today for lunch and had one of the best meals ever. They believe and follow the same practices you talk about all the time. The chef (James Beard nominee Alex Young) even has his own farm where he raises many of the vegetables and other food that is found on the menu. If nothing else, google him and read about their operation. I plan to blog about it soon.