Sunday, July 11, 2010

Garlic Drying...

We have long had trouble with what to do with our garlic to dry it after we have harvested. Finally we found a good solution. If all the other small farmers out there know this, WHY DIDN"T YOU TELL US!

It would work well for even a 50 head patch in a home garden. First lay out a rod.

You can use a 1x2 but we use left over tomato stakes.

Then you lay them out one at a time.

Just put a second on top and tie, zip tie, or heavy duty rubberband them together.

Then just set them on saw horses or speciality built racks to dry.


Live to Cook at Home said...

do you pull all the bulbs or do you have to leave some so they come back next year?

CSA Farmer Girl said...

You pull them all, and dry them.

Then you pick the best 1 head out of 6 (or so.) Save those. In early October (or late September) you will break the heads and plant the cloves 6" apart.

If you leave a whole head you won't get nice heads the next year, because each clove will try to grow and they will be crowded so they will not grow well.