Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pickup - 10/10

It was so strange yesterday evening sitting in our pickup shed and waiting for pickups.

Just a couple days ago on Sunday during pickup I actually brought out a fan and set it up because it was 85 degrees in the room, even with all the windows open. The Kale and turnip greens did not look good in the heat!

But yesterday as I was setting up my husband brought out a propane tank. I asked "What's that for?" Then he got a heater for it, and it was SO nice to have the shed nice and toasty, with all the doors and windows shut, we got it to the 70s in there! It was in the mid 40s outside!

A 40 degree drop in just a couple days! Welcome to fall in North east Ohio!

The cool tempuratures made everyone think of the end of the season, especially as farmers markets in our region are starting to close for the year. I had discussions with nearly everyone, about when the season will end.

We are really hoping to be able to go into the first week on November baring a hard freeze. We have frost tolerant veggies in the ground, and will protect them with row covers and small hoops when we need to. Our feild gets foggy almost every night, so that will help a bit as well, and even when all else fails we have a week's supply of storage crops to give everyone!

Frost, frost, stay away! Come again some other month!

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