Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What is a CSA?


Members of CSAs buy a "share" of the season in early spring. The farmer gets money up front, when they have to buy seeds, supplies, and equipment. And the member gets a weekly share of the harvest for the rest of the year. In our region, seasons typically go from mid June to mid October, so as I start this blog our season is nearing it's end.

CSAs are said to have originated from Japan, where city people would hire a farmer to supply their needs. In the 1980s the concept migrated to Europe and in the mid 80s they began popping up in the states. Today there are over 1400 in the United States, each supplying anywhere from a few families to a few hundred.

For us, a CSA is a way to grow our farm, and our business. To become more self sufficient, and someday, hopefully, largely replace our off farm incomes. We enjoy having a relationship with our members and love the ability to provide them with fresh, wholesome, naturally grown foods!

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