Friday, October 12, 2007

Salsa time!

Time for a confession.

My husband swears that given the opportunity I would eat salsa with a spoon. We go through at least a jar a week, and I am likely to put it on almost anything! But to actually MAKE salsa?

I don't know why canning tomatoes products has always made me a little nervous. I know how to do it, I know it is safe (when you follow the proper procedures), and I know how good it tastes. I never have any problems or concerns when I do jams or jellies or apple sauce or brandied fruit. All of those I feel comfortable with!

I think my salsa and sauce worries go back to when I was a little girl and my mom made a ton of tomatoe sauce one year. She proceeded to give it all away, because she was so scared of it! Alas, I to have a back of my mind fear of water processing tomato products, and I do not have a pressure canner so the option is water bath canning or nothing.

Last weekend I made a single pitiful batch of salsa, (6 jars and 2 are already gone...) Tonight and tomorrow are SALSA days! I hope to have at least 24 pints by the time I am done, I may even try some sauce... And I pledge not to give it all away.

Spoon anyone?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Heather:

There is a link to a great roasted tomato sauce that can be canned from another CSA farmer (super easy) on American Public Radio's Living on Earth. Scroll down on the link below to hear the story and see a link to the recipe.