Monday, February 23, 2009

Confrence this weekend!

We are home from the OEFFA Conference. I think my presentations went OK, I didn't see anyone fall asleep in my first one and only two in my second (which was the last workshop time for the weekend.)

We got some good information to bring back to the farm. Eric went to a good workshop on organic berry production when I was babbling about missions. We talked to lots of people and had a good time.

The funniest thing was that we kept telling people about the Jang seeder. Columbus Irrigation was exhibiting and we kept bringing people over to their booth to show them the unit and how great it was! I must have shown 5 people how great it worked and hubby told at least that many too. I think we maybe sold a couple of those units... But really, if you are a small grower this is the best $500 (by the time it is at your door with the pieces you want) you will spend.

Hubby having to travel so much the past year for his "real" job has been very frustrating, he was out of town over 50 nights! But that gives him "Platinum" status at the hotel. So we got a free upgrade to a nice room with a jacuzzi which was nice to relax in on Saturday night (I need to get one for my bedroom!)

Next our classes!

I will be getting our class schedule and details out this week...


Charoula said...

Hi Heather,

enjoyed your workshop very much. We talked afterwards re sending the PDF of both workshop presentations and the contact for a green architect in Cols. Sent you an email at the one on the card, but it has come back undeliverable. How do I get in touch with you???

CSA Farmer Girl said...

If does not work please try It is possible I gave you an old card.