Friday, February 13, 2009

Where are your eggs?

Did you ever have anyone tell you to make haste a little more slowly?

I feel our nation needs to take that advice right now. We are rushing towards passing a bill which no one really fully understands and few have read.

Although I am not an economist (and am far from it!) there are many economists who agree that the stimulus bill may not work.

I have read that about 20% of the money will be available for projects starting in the next 6 months. Couldn't we down size the bill to a 160 BILLION or 180 BILLION dollars and pass that part of it now. We would get the same stimulus short term and in the next couple months real debate could take place and the balance of the bill could be passed in March when people actually have time to look at it closely.

I guess that a farmer analogy would be that if you REALLY need your eggs and you put them all in the same basket it might be better to let those eggs sit in the coop another hour and take time to carefully examine the basket to make sure it will not fall apart under the weight of the eggs then to pile them all in and have them crash to the ground in a yolky mess...

But then, I am just a farmer... What do I know?

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