Thursday, February 26, 2009

Organics not better?

A posting today on the Epi-Log today referencing an article which is a Case against Organic Foods.

It comes down to these, my quick response to each is below...

1.Organic foods won't solve the hunger problem.

  • World hunger is primarily a political and economic problem not an agricultural issue. Big ag as commoditized enough of the world food supply we have removed the food self sufficiency from many countries. Organic food may not solve it, but conventional ag almost surly made it worse!

2. It's questionable whether organic foods are healthier for you.

  • It is questionable whether conventional food is as healthy as organics.

3. It's questionable whether organic foods are safer.

  • It is questionable whether conventional food is as safe as organics.

4. Organic farming may not help the environment.

  • Conventional farming defiantly will not help the environment. Organic monoculture has similar issues, organic poly culture is better. Organics may be nothing more then a step in the right direction!

5. You're not sticking it to the man by buying organic.

  • You may not be sticking it to the man, but you probably are supporting a small family farm, at least you can if you avoid big organic. Buy from a farmer you know and you will be supporting not only natural production but your regional economy and a friend.

6. Organic food doesn't necessarily taste better.

  • Kobe beef does not necessarily taste better then McDonald's. Freshness, preparation, and skill are everything. But you are more likely to get a great tasting meal from one than the other...

Just my thoughts, for what they are worth.

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