Thursday, February 19, 2009

Getting nervous!

I am starting to get a little nervous about this weekend! I am speaking at the OEFFA Conference on Sunday. I am giving two presentations. One a two hour one on Building Green on the Farm and a second on Integrating Sustainability into your mission.

I have lots of experience in talking to groups about green buildings for work, but somehow this feels different. I don't know how to explain it.

The first presentation I will talk about a broad range of concepts of sustainable building design focusing on things which can be brought into small projects on the farm. I will talk about big issues like heat island effect, combined sewer over flow, payback cycles, embodied energy... As a way to frame a discussion of options and building techniques. I have 2 hours and my presentation is up to 220 slides, although lots are just "pretty pictures" that will only be up for a few seconds.

My second presentation will focus on some BIGGER concepts like the Triple bottom line (people, planet, profit) and how those can act as a driver for decisions that are made "Beyond field and pasture." For example, should your mission drive the type of coffee you serve guests at farm events, and the type of cups you serve them in? Maybe...

Once those are done I can finish my other presentation, which I am EVEN MORE NERVOUS about! And then our class series will start in the beginning on March! ((If you have sent an email about the class I will get back to you soon I promise, and I am sorry!))

Wish me luck!


Ramona Boggins said...

I hope it went well!!!

I'd love you to come and speak to a local group of women for the "Holistic Moms Network" about CSA's and your experiences, and why it's good for the community, environment, health...

Would you be able to make a Monday evening at 7PM in March or April?

Ramona Boggins said...

Good luck. I read it again and see it's not till tomorrow!!! Duh, on my end. hahaha

You know your "stuff" and you'll be GREAT.