Sunday, March 21, 2010

More hoophouse!

It is finally coming together and we are nearing the home stretch! None to soon, because there are dozens of trays to start the next couple weeks! They can live a little while in the basement but then they need a better home... We will finally be able to give it to them!
We started the day with the frame done. We started hanging the polycarb sides. When they were up they had to be trimmed to follow the line of the hoophouse.
The van acutally came in very handy! We were able to lay the 6X10 foot sheets inside it so they did not fly away in the wind.
Putting the door on was a little bit of a pain, as doors so often are. It just did not want to be plumb and open nicely!
So the polycarb sides are up, but they still need to be trimed with aluminum U channel. Then the channel to hold the plastic can go up.

Once all of that is done we can stretch the plastic and install the roll up sides. I think it will be nice when it is done! The kit was expensive but I think it was worth it, it is a nice unit.

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