Monday, March 22, 2010

So you want to be a farmer?

So, you want to be a farmer? Know these things:

-You are going to be hot.
-You are going to cold.
-Your feet will hurt.
-Your back will hurt more.
-You will be wet.
-You will be muddy.
-You will be dirty.
-You will be thirsty.
-You will be frustrated.
-You will be angry.
-You may even cry.
-You will work by tractor headlights at night.
-You will wake before sunrise to work.
-You will work with a sandwich in your hand.
-You will be challenged by nature.
-You will be challenged by people.
-You will work harder then you should.
-You will spend more then you ought.
-You will earn less then is fair.

Are you still reading? Wow, you are brave! If you are still reading also know this:

If you love what you are doing it will all be worth it.

You will be none of these things all the time (except maybe the last!) and most of them seldom, but they will happen and then only your love of farming will be enough to keep going.

Then you know you are a farmer.


Anonymous said...

I don't think I could handle being a farmer. I want to have a hobby farm someday...will that be as tough?

NoviceLife said...

Great POst - Very true!

CSA Farmer Girl said...

A hobby farm is probably not the same, I know ours wasn't when we were more "hobby" 5 years ago. The main difference being if you are trying to make money there is stuff that HAS to be done when it HAS to be done. People are coming to pickup or you have market. The rain is coming and you have to till. The weeds are overtaking and you have to fight a battle or you will loose the war!
When you have a hobby farm you can stop in the rain, in the cold, when it dark, or when your back hurts. When you are hoping to make a living at it, you may not be able to...