Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A new toy...

This was this week's big purchase. And no, not the one from Yoder's Produce. This we bought at TSC. They were normally $1300. They had it marked down to $900 because one of the tubes had cracked. Farmer hubby looked at it and determined that somehow it had filled with water, which had frozen and expanded. So it needed some repairs. Talking with the manager, a couple phone calls on the store manager's part to higherups and hubby saying he would walk away resulted in a final price of $600.
Really, what were the store's options? How many Disc Harrows do they sell in Macedonia? And those few people looking for a 6-1/2 foot implement needing a 40+ HP tractor to pull it who may be shopping the Macedonia TSC, of those people how many are willing to buy something needing repairs before it could be used! It was sell it to us or sell it for scrap.
An hour or so of welding and grinding and it is good as new! We drilled a couple holes in the tubes to allow them to drain, wow, a lot of water spilled out! The steel seems good and thick, but if worse comes to worse and we have to buy a new frame it is $400, so we will still be ahead. We are pretty sure we won't have any problems with this purchase.
Eventually we need a bigger one, and when we get a bigger tractor we will purchase a nicer, larger unit which will last the farm for 50 years or more, this one will hold us over for a couple more years.

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