Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Supply order...

This weekend we are going down to pick up our potatoes at Yoder's Produce Supply.

The potatoes are pre-paid, but we also will be picking up other supplies for the spring including:
  • Nine 500 foot rows of row cover (probably not enough)
  • 300 small sand bags (fto hold down the row cover)
  • 150 wire hoops (again probably not enough)
  • 20 plastic greenhouse bench tops and lots of clips
  • 100 foot of clear plastic greenhouse cover
  • 100 feet of greenhouse floor
  • A earthway broadcast spreader
  • 200 - 4" plastic pots
  • And some other small stuff (my list is down stairs)

Any guesses on what the damage will be? I am cringing already!

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