Sunday, January 20, 2008

Brrrr from the farm!

Sorry I have not been posting as much recently. There is just not that much to talk about on the farm! (and 'real' job has been crazy as well, with training a new "green building" person, a project deadline looming and a 60 hour week.)

Thursday night hubby was out of town so I had to come home on time (not work late) to take the dog out and care for the chickens, so I had some quiet time to work on our planting schedule.

We are going through each type of produce and figuring a schedule, when to start, transplant, ect. and when to succession plant (radishes every 2 weeks during their growing season, beets every 3). Then we are going through our variety list and breaking that up into more specifics. We are also coordinating that with our field plans (where to plant what).

This will be the most organized year we have had. We know that weather will not always cooperate (it is often hard to plant seeds every week in the spring because it is often wet) but at least we will have a plan and a goal!

With any luck this will be our best year ever!

(OK, so the photo is not new, but it COLD out there!)

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