Thursday, January 3, 2008

Environmental footprint...

In 2008 we want to measure the environmental footprint of our farm (not including our household.)

To start with we will measure all of our carbon. Diesel for the tractor, gasoline for the tiller & weed whacker, kerosene for the hoop house.

Our electricity usage will be hard, as our "farm" buildings are not metered separately from our home? But lights in the barn, heat lamps in the chicken coop, pump for irrigation from the cistern, it adds up fast.

We have a lot of transportation related impact. Our going to market, picking up feed, UPS bringing seeds, and biggest members driving to the farm each week.

Then there is our waste generation and our water use. Then there are impacts related directly to the farming activities.

This will be a challenge, but all we can do is our best...

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