Friday, March 21, 2008

Future Farmer?

When my now 5 year old niece comes to visit the first thing she wants to do is go to the chicken coop and collect eggs. I will offer to make them for her but she looks shocked and says "NO!" As she holds the egg gently to her ear.

My sister says that they cannot buy eggs from the farmer's market, becuase she refuses to eat eggs that are not white.

For the longest time we thought she was hugging them, but then we realized that she was in fact listening to the egg,to hear the baby chick.

We had to explain to her that, as we have no daddy chicken there cannot be any baby chickens in the eggs. Not ever, it was OK to eat the eggs... But to this day she will only eat white eggs. We tell her that the color of eggs does not have anything to do with if chicks are inside.

I don't think she believes us still, just another adult trick to keep her from her own chickens!

This is the same child that told her mother a few weeks ago that she wanted to start a chicken farm in their backyard. When her mom told her no, she decided that a duck farm would be OK to...

When her mom told her no again she decided she needed to call her aunt (me) because I'm sure she thought that her farmer aunt would tell her mom it was OK for them to have chickens in their little backyard in on-base housing at Ft Campbell. I told her that chickens needed to live on a real farm, not on an army base. She then decided that she could have ducks instead, because they can be on base because they live in the pond.
When I told her that ducks needed water in their yard but she said that they could have her pool. And when I told her that they fly and could get away, she said they would a roof over their pen...

Maybe a future farmer? I felt so bad when I had to tell her "Well, I don't think your back yard is a good home for chickens or ducks, but ask your mom." I heard her ask and my sister say "No." And she seemed so deflated, it was sad... Her mom, sister and she will visit with us for a few weeks this summer, it should be lots of fun! We may even get her a couple chicks for when she is here...


NEOcreativegenius said...

Hi Heather --

What a cute story! I think Helene and Bart do have a future farmer on their hands!

Love, Meg

Anonymous said...

Poor kid!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think she is a future farmer. She is inlove with all your chickens and egg babys. Now she is very concerned about our colored Easter eggs as well, after all they may have a bunny inside. I asked if she would like to eat one with lunch and she informed me "THEY ARE NOT WHITE MOMMY!!"
She now not only has a passion for chicken eggs, when we were at XCARET ECO-PARK last week she was very concerned about the baby sea turtle eggs they were hatching. She begged to take one home for her aunt, we had to explain they were very special and hard to care for so the eco-park was the best place for them untill they are set free. She made sure to tell all the birds not to eat the baby sea turtles! Children are amazing!!
She can't wait to see you and named one of her stuffed toys after her biggest crush, Uncle Eric the great!!