Monday, March 3, 2008

Walking a dangourous line?

I was reading last night in "The Revolution will not be Microwaved" about laws against food disparagement. According to Ohio law ... "Disparagement" means the dissemination to the public in any manner of any false information that a perishable agricultural or aquacultural food product is not safe for human consumption."

And I am prohibited from disparaging any perishable agricultural product upon penalty of civil action. I wonder if any of my blog posts would be taken that way?

I am not saying that any FDA approved food product is unsafe, but rather that there may be safer options... I point readers back to this blog post where I discussed the Precautionary Principle and ask to reframe the question to what is the safest option, for us, our children, and the world we live in.

Will GMO foods hurt you? Probably not, most defiantly not in any short term, but might they harm bees or contaminate our native species on a genetic basis? Possibly, and once the harm is done it is irrevocable.

So the question is for you. Does that constitute disparagement?

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