Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Something new to try... I will try to post a line or two on Twitter (you are limited to 140 characters) a couple times a day saying what is going on at the farm. As more goes on I will post more often. You can pick if you join Twitter (which is free) to get the messages from Twitter's website, in your email, or sent to your phone as a text (standard text fees apply.)

So why not try it?

I will, of course, continue to blog but this is just a diffrent way for me to stay in touch with all our members, customers, and friends. It will also list my current twitter posts on the blog. So go either click on "Follow me on twitter" or go to and look up CSA_farmer_girl, or email me and I will send you an invitation. Say you want to follow me and then you will see what is going on at the farm...

And who knows what else will be posted there? Extra suprises for people who respond to a specific twitter? Maybe...

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