Monday, March 3, 2008

Government subsidies...

I found this on Micheal Ruhlman's blog...

Commodity farmers discouraged from switching to higher value items?

"I’ve discovered that typically, a farmer who grows the forbidden fruits and vegetables on corn acreage not only has to give up his subsidy for the year on that acreage, he is also penalized the market value of the illicit crop, and runs the risk that those acres will be permanently ineligible for any subsidies in the future."

It would really be funny if it was not true! Wouldn't our food system be stronger, better, and need less subsidy if people could grow food they could make money on?

Think of it this way. You are a farmer who grows corn. The ONLY way your farm stays is subsidies. But you are staying afloat, just...

Now, you've heard that people who sell at farmer's markets actually can do well. That sounds great! You want to try. But will you if you know that if it does not work out (and there are lots of reasons it may not) you will never get subsidies on those acres again. Because you will not get those subsidies any corn you grow on those acres you will loose money on. So you will not grow on those acres again.

Would you take the risk?

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