Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cool in Cleveland?

My husband claims that I am not cool. He goes as far to say that "There is not even enough cool in a Harley to make you cool." And, I fear, he is not alone in this opinion. There have been plenty of times in my life when I bottomed out the "cool-meter," but lets not talk about high school Star Trek conventions and memorizing first air dates for original episodes in their star date equivalents! Let's pretend that was someone else... (I have perhaps shared to much!)

So imagine my surprise when I was listed in Cool Cleveland this week in there "Emissions from the Blogsphere" (scroll way down...) But then flame throwers are always cool! I'll need to get a video of my husband flaming at night and post that, talk about cool! My hubby may claim that it is he who wields the flame thrower while I man-handle the propane tank (not nearly as cool) but I'll take my cool where I can get it...

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Anonymous said...

If you ask my daughter and her friends you are the coolest aunt in America! After all you bought black chickens and told them awsome ghost storys. They think only cool people can "tag" others as cool. Not 40 year old guys. DUH! And if you ask me Harleys are not cool. Loud yes, cool not so much.