Thursday, June 26, 2008

Tour at farm...

Yesterday we did a farm tour for teachers taking a summer course on sustainable agriculture at Lake Farm Park. I hope they learned something and did not bore them to much...
Darwin Kelsey (of the Countryside Conservancy) started the session by talking about the state of the local food system and the national food system. About how we can move in a direction to make local food a reality. Thousands of small farms needed in our region!
Afterward we walked around the feilds and I talked about bugs and soil and foliar feeding and cover cropping... At the very end I talked about the triple bottom line or the three "P"s of sustainablity; Planet, People, and Profit.
Hopefully, it was not TO boring, most of them looked interested in what I was saying. One said he was impressed but "You're crazy to do this!" I asked him "But I thought you were a teacher!?!"

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