Tuesday, June 24, 2008


We have always strayed away from growing potatoes before (except for a handful with the home gardener tire method.) This year we took the plunge and planted close to 1000 feet. When we saw our first Colorodo Potaote Bettles we braced our selves for combat and probably the death of our plants. But we took the advice anouther organic farmer and started scouting them daily for bugs and eggs. Thankfully they are bright and easy to see, the eggs are orange and even easier to find. Sso 1000 feet takes maybe 15 minutes a day to look at during which point we squash any we find. So far I think we have missed one group of eggs as we found some larve on one plant yesterday, but no major damage... And the first of the blossoms are here! We have 5 diffrent kinds so except for the Yukon golds CSA members should just execct a taste of each kind.... Next year we are thinking a quarter acre.

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