Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day & Blizzard story

Everyone, take a moment to remember Veteran's day today. It is a holiday we so often forget, especially those of us who work in the private sector, where national holiday's are just the day the banks are closed and there is no mail service. Especially as the holiday is not conveniently held on a Monday each year, but tied to an important date, today November 11th, once Armistice Day, now Veteran's Day.

Take a moment today to thank a veteran, so many brave men and women over the years have put their safety and lives in the way of our freedom and liberty. And when they come home so often their sacrifice is forgotten. Let's show them today that we have not forgotten their sacrifice.

And on a lighter note a story for you about a blizzard on Veteran's Day. I found this story on Beginning Farmer's Blog, and it is worth the read.

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