Monday, November 10, 2008

Snow and Coming Out

My old car recently died. Well, not recently, at the beginning of the summer, but we spent most of the summer carpooling as we tried to decide what to get... Smart Car, Prious, Yaris

The Smart Car had a 12 month plus waiting list!
The Prius is more then I wanted to spend.
The Yaris is a nice car but as with all of them, do I want a payment? And will having a car payment effect farm decisions later?

Eventually I decided that what I wanted was a small diesel which are not available yet, maybe in 2010... So I needed a "till then car." Eventually we found a Saturn Vue which I really liked, a 2005 manual transmission. The car gets between 26 & 29 mpg and is still big enough to haul bags of feed. I am very happy with this car, and it's performance is not that bad...

Today I found the first thing I don't like with the car. (OK, SUV)

The antenna gets in the way of scraping the windshield, this has not been a problem with frosts so far, but today I had to scrape ice, LOTS of ice. The windshield is high and the antenna gets in the way!

I know, I know! That is what I get for buying an SUV! But I don't feel THAT bad, the mileage is good for a bigger vehicle, and we really do have the need for it. We will be getting a second vehicle which is a lot more efficient at some point, but for now, I love my car, except for the windshield thing!

(Now I've come out as a SUV owner, I feel better not being in the closet any longer!)

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Ellenamo said...

My sister had a Saturn Vue for a while and really loved it. She traded it in for a minivan now that she has three kids, but she still misses it. I drive a Saturn also, but mine's a small SL-2. Hope you enjoy your new car!