Wednesday, November 26, 2008

So much to learn...

The life of a farmer is one of never ending movement.

In the spring it starts with starting and planting. The summer sees weeding and harvesting. The fall sees field clean up and more harvesting. But the fall does not see the end of movement.

In the winter is the time to move our ideas. Once planting begins in the spring the plans have been laid the goals set forth and you move in as close to a straight line as possible.

But in the winter we can zig zag, go in a circle, or do anything else we want, IDEAS can fly!

An catalogues come and field layouts start the energy is as frenzied as the spring, just in a more cerebral way. The goal is always that the plan is set come March and we can make the best use of our resources (among which time is the most precious.) Not that it will happen, but we can try!

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