Friday, November 28, 2008

Kind of Local Thanksgiving... Part 2

So now we come to the star of the show! Mr. Turkey... I would love to say to you "I fist meet Mr. Turkey in April at a local farm where he was just a little poult! As the summer went along he wandered fields and enjoyed being outside, as his heritage breed should be." But alas, I cannot. A couple years ago we did have a heritage bird and it was fantastic, but for the crowd we were cooking for it was just not worth it, and the cost not justifiable for the little turkey people would be eating.

Every year my Sister in Law's company gives every one a turkey, so that is the one we used. A 11 pound conventional bird from...? We stuck it in our Romertopf clay roaster and did not touch it for the next two hours!

Then comes my favorite part of thanksgiving - THE STUFFING... Yum! We did a bit better on this although we could not find dried "stuffing" bread at the three local bakeries we tried so we started with...
  • Stuffing mix - again not local, not organic, just peppridge farms from Giant Eagle

  • Bread from Great Lakes Baking Company - but the flour... ?

  • lots of butter - again the Amish roll type

  • Onions - our garden's only contribution to this meal

  • Celery - we picked up at the farmer's market

  • Spices - Marco Polo rule again

The mashed potatoes were about the same, and while I would love to say we used all our own potatoes, the few we kept for this meal did not store well for us. I would love to say that we bought some other local farmers potatoes, but that would require thinking ahead! So we went to the Kreigers and did our best with...

  • Potatoes - from somewhere in Pennsylvania

  • lots of butter - again the Amish roll type

  • Cream - again conventional and not local

The cranberry sauce was equally embarrassing to someone trying to eat local...

  • Cranberries - from Maine (some day I hope to have our own!)

  • Sugar - Michigan Beet

  • Oranges - Florida

The corn came from a can with a Green Giant on the front. And we had no other veggies. Why spoil an otherwise perfectly unhealthy meal with green stuff?

The biscuits --- Lets not talk to much about them except to say they came more from a big yellow box than from anywhere else!

And that was my Thanksgiving meal...

I feel like I'm at an AA Meeting -

Hello my name is CSA Farmer Girl and I am not a locavore.

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NEOcreativegenius said...

Sounds delicious! Just remember it's about progress rather than perfection, one meal at a time!