Monday, November 5, 2007

Few days away from the farm & blog...

I will be in Chicago at GreenBuild the rest of this week. It is the largest convention around green and sustainable building practices in the country. Green architecture is my day job, so off I will fly. (627 miles and 402 pounds of CO2 added to my carbon footprint.)

Expect details of the trip when I get back, I hope to find A LOT of cross over.

And next year we will be starting a farm wide (household wide) carbon offset so we will add this trip's 402 pounds to that. We are still trying to figure which is the best way for offseting our carbon, we have pretty much decided trees are not the way we want to go, maybe compact flourecet light bulbs or wind power? I heard one person suggest what good is it to offset an emission you released over 2 hours over 60 years (trees to offset a flight) because the carbon will not be offset until after it has done a ton of damage. That is a great point, and we are thinking of ways for a more immediate payback, not hour for hour like this guy was suggesting but maybe within one to five years? So if we go through the effort of offseting it actually means something and is not just lip service.

In any case, I doubt I will be posting again until Saturday. See you all then!

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